Empowerment 4 Riders is our portal for well-being that involves horses.

Suitable for all ages, genders and cultures.

If you are looking for these specialist services, then click on the Empowerment 4 Riders link below:

  • Nguud Mabarn (Horse Medicine) Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – mounted and unmounted (you do not need to be able to ride)
  • Awaken your inner Warrior (Horse Archery) – (you do not need to be able to ride or shoot)
  • Gurdurdu (heart) Confidence Building – this is for horse riders
  • Transformational coaching with horses (both riders and non-riders).
  • Archery sales
  • Equestrian Vaulting (gymnastics on horseback)
  • Team Building – Corporate / Government
  • Equine Assisted Resources

For all this and more, please click the link below.


Empowerment 4 Riders