Life Empowerment 4 You is one of our portals for well-being.

If you are looking for these specialist services, then click on the Life Empowerment 4 You logo link below:

  • Warlandi (Rainbow) trauma-informed Counselling / mental health services
  • Nguud Mabarn (Horse Medicine) Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – mounted and unmounted (you do not need to be able to ride)
  • Transformational Coaching and Coaching packages
  • Transformational coaching with horses (both riders and non-riders).
  • Team Building – Corporate / Government
  • Empowerment programs for Schools
  • Wellbeing services (for retreats refer to our Wellbeing Retreats tab)
  • Free Resources

For all this, including your investment costs and more detailed program information, please click the Life Empowerment 4 You logo link below:

Life Empowerment 4 You

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