Warlandi (Rainbow) Trauma informed Counselling

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Warlandi (Rainbow) Trauma informed Counselling

“Empowering people to explore, embrace and reconnect with their unique inner fire” ©

“Forged by Fire”

Breathe ……. this is your space to feel safe and supported.  Often people refer to their experiences as something that contributes to them being “lesser than”. Taking a different viewpoint, steel only becomes strong when the metal is heated. Your experiences have contributed to your incredible inner strength. You are literally, forged by fire.

“The challenge of recovery is to re-establish ownership of your body and your mind – of your self” – Van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score

You may be feeling a whole range of emotions: fear, anger, sadness, distress, frustration, confusion, shame or many more. Whatever they may be, our collaborative therapeutic relationship will help to provide a containing space where you are safe to explore these feelings and concerns in a judgement-free and resourced, trauma-informed, Indigenous culturally-aware environment.

Through recognising and harnessing your inner awareness; you will be supported to explore your concerns, while moving through distress to embrace your empowered uniqueness.

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Our warlandi counselling service is focused on assisting people to explore, embrace and reconnect with their inner fire despite experiences, in a non-judgemental, trauma-informed and fuss-free environment. Our service operates in an integrative theoretical framework approach.  This simply means that rather than operating from one framework such as cognitive behavioural therapy, we are trained in and utilise a variety of approaches that best suit your circumstance and preferences. 

From time to time, we may utilise gestalt therapy, emotion-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused, narrative or creative arts therapy. The difference between coaching and counselling is that with counselling we focus on the present and past to empower you to move through your distress, gain awareness, heal and create a new present not impacted by your experiences.  

Our service is both trauma-informed and able to provide counselling for mental health issues. This can be done in conjunction with and referral by your psychologist/psychiatrist.    We also provide an outreach service australia wide and internationally if requested. Please contact us to discuss your needs. This can also be done online or over the phone.

*NDIS Plan and Self- Managed clients suitable

 *eligible Medibank Private, Bupa or Police Health 

Members may be entitled to a benefit for counselling.

$130+GST per hour per person


Please be advised until further notice all of our Trauma-informed Counselling and Transformational Coaching services will be delivered by Online sessions.