Our Vision

Our vision is to be a sanctuary that provides the right tools for people to heal and thrive; and encourages community change – one person at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to welcome a diversity of clients, embracing their individual experiences of wellbeing, while empowering them to heal by connecting in a culturally safe way, honouring Country and embracing the Ethos of Gudu-Guduwa (Coming Together).

Our Impact & Purpose

Our purpose is to further support the development of strong empowered families and communities. We do this by providing volunteering, training or employment opportunities; as well as facilitating positive mental wellbeing, for Australian First Nations people impacted by trauma.

Warida Wholistic Wellness Encourages Each Of Us To Fully Embrace Who We Are, Stepping Into Our Power.

By all accounts we are a nation in crisis – the statistics are beyond alarming: 45% of Australians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime; 6 Australian’s per day suicide with another 30 people attempting per day; and 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experience domestic violence. Add to this that the world health organisation has listed burn out as a growing concern.

Our Ethos

We Approach Wellbeing Holistically;

Considering Emotional, Physical, Cultural, Spiritual, Earth Connection And Relationship Aspects. Strong Empowered People Are Pivotal In Encouraging Inner Strength In Their Children, Grandchildren And Partners.


The Ethos Of Warida Wholistic Wellness Approaches Wellness From This Viewpoint; Including:


– Our Connection With Each Other, gudu-guduwa (coming together)


– Awareness And Exploration Of Our Inner World


– Our Connection With Country / Earth


– Wayapa Earth-Based Connection From Australian Indigenous Wisdom


– Experiential And Therapeutic Relationship With Horses in an ethical and honouring way.


– Our Groundedness Through An Indigenous Spiritual Perspective Of Warida (Wedge-Tailed Eagle In Our Badimaya / Badimia Language)

Warida Elements Logo

Our 7 Pillars Of Excellence

show what underpins everything that we do – our ethos for being.


We are honest, open and ethical. This is the cornerstone of who we are.


We are passionate about everything we do, including mentoring other businesses and sharing our knowledge.

Culturally Safe and Sensitive

Indigenous cultural safety, competency and the importance of connection to country underpins everything we do. We live “gudu-guduwa” (coming together).

Ongoing Learning

We are avid learners and invest time and resources to keep up to date with new services, techniques and research to better service our communities.


We walk alongside our clients, helping them connect with their inner fire and Country as part of their healing process.  We believe experiences are not something to be “fixed” but embraced.

Global Citizenship

We embrace differences but we also believe that we have a lot to give as an Indigenous social enterprise. 


We believe in pushing boundaries and having the courage to tackle any challenges.

Some of the Services That Warida Offer​


$ 140+GST Per Hour / person
  • Extended Sessions Available
  • NDIS Plan Managed And Self Managed Participants (No GST)
  • Trauma-informed & culturally safe

Bush Therapy

$ 200+GST Per Hour / person
  • NDIS Plan Managed And Self Managed Participants (No GST)
  • Group Work Available
  • Trauma-informed & Culturally safe.

Transformational Coaching

$ 240+GST Per Hour / person
  • Individual or Group Work Available
  • Coaching Programs
  • Self-Paced Online Coaching Programs Available

Equine Assisted Therapy

$ 200+GST Per Hour / person
  • Extended Sessions Available
  • NDIS Plan Managed And Self Managed Participants (No GST)
  • Group Work Available
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About Bianca Stawiarski

Managing Director / Founder

I am fiercely passionate about supporting and empowering people to heal their own disconnection

As a strong Badimaya woman, I feel very deeply about facilitating change through unique, culturally safe, holistic and trauma-informed services.

As a qualified Transformational Coach operating at an International level, a Trauma-Informed Counsellor; Horse Archery Instructor; culturally competent practitioner , Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner , and a certified Equine Assisted / Animal Assisted Psychotherapist (EPI Model) operating at a national Level; I am passionate about empowering people to explore, embrace and reconnect with their inner fire, and ultimately heal their disconnection.

This drive has come from wanting to break the trauma cycle for myself, my amazing children and their future children. I have found the courage to process my own trauma experiences as well as spending time understanding and reflecting on who I am at my core and my connection to country.

It is because of my own journey, I feel that there is an urgent need for change that has the potential to have a ripple on effect throughout our communities. By assisting individuals, communities and workplaces to mentally strengthen themselves and break through their own self-limiting beliefs, it has the potential to break through intergenerational trauma, disconnection and disempowerment.

Strong empowered people are pivotal in encouraging inner strength in their children, grandchildren and partners.

It is from this viewpoint, that I deliver services using proven psychological techniques, strategies, within an intuitive, integrated and culturally safe approach.

My Connection to Country and my belief that we are part of a living, breathing organism rather than being separate from informs who I am and the way I deliver my services. At all times, my Badimaya (Indigenous) and Ukrainian heritages, sense of community and holistic approach, underpin my practice.



Master (Counselling Practice)

Certification Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Equine Psychotherapy Institute model)

Diploma (Life Coach)

Certificate (Aboriginal Narrative Practice)

Diploma (Wayapa Practice)

Post Grad. Diploma (Counselling)

Blue Knot Foundation – Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients (L2) – Three Phased Approach

Cert IV Government (Contracting)

Diploma of Government (Contracting)

Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies)

Horse Archery Instructor (Level 2)

Equestrian Australia Vaulting Coach (intro)

Equestrian Australia (horse management)

Equestrian Australia (official lunger – vaulting)

Equestrian Australia Steward (vaulting)

International Federation for Equestrian Sports Vaulting Steward (Level 2)


Professional Associations

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

PACFA Leadership Group of College for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP)

Australian Counselling Association(ACA)

Australasian Association for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Learning (AA-EAP-EAL)

Equestrian Australia (EA)



Working with Children check

National Police Check

Childsafe RAN

Working with Disabled persons clearance

First Aid & CPR


kind words from our clients

We haven’t ever experienced anything like what you’ve worked to intentionally create for the therapeutic space. It is just that actually …. space …. safe space.... our body hasn’t ever experienced being in a space where it’s so supported to be calm and connected to deep energies and then to share this with you …. another person. Totally new experience for us all ….It actually helps us trust when there is no pressure from the therapist or agenda or assessment of everything we say into their framework of understanding that they then put onto us to define who we are and what our dysfunction is that requires fixing. There’s never been safe space in relationship for us to explore who we might be …. you hold space in such a large way including the earth and elements and nature and the animal beings help because they haven’t ever been so disconnected from it all …. they have so much to show us. Our brain can’t learn to be less fearful if we aren’t actually having better relationships and environments and experiences. Yet no therapy has ever considered this … then our ‘failure’ to think ourselves ‘better’ got us rejected and shamed by the very people who were supposed to be helping us.
name withheld
“The online course offered by Bianca Stawiarski from Warida wholistic wellness made me completely change the way I think about myself. Despite not looking back (because it’s a can of worms and I didn’t want to go there) but looking forward, I have learned to value, like and love myself. This has lifted my self-esteem, which has resulted in a more confident and assertive me … and I like it! I found Bianca professional yet approachable. Personally, I am more confident, content and aware of my needs and how they fit in with other people in my life. I’m happier to say no in a constructive manner, happier to do things for myself and find a balance so I continue to help others without jeopardising my needs.'
S.R. (United Kingdom)

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