Empowering women to explore, embrace and reconnect with their unique inner fire.

Wellness on an individual, family or community level benefits from a wholistic approach; considering the emotional, physical, spiritual and relationship aspects that make up the individual or group concerned.

The ethos of Warida Wholistic Wellness approaches wellness from this viewpoint; including:

  • Our connection with each other
  • Awareness and exploration of our inner world
  • Experiential and therapeutic relationship with horses
  • Our primal groundedness with the earth and the sky through warida* from an Indigenous spiritual perspective

Either through our relational partnership with horses, or without involving horses, Warida Wholistic Wellness encourages each of us to remove our “masks” , while exploring and embracing our own unique inner fire.

Professional, trauma-informed, passionate, fun and experienced. Our unique service is perfect for individuals or groups, tailored to your needs. Contact us today!

* wedge-tailed eagle in our Badimaya language

Bianca Stawiarski
Trauma-Informed Counsellor, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist & Transformational Coach
Warida Wholistic Wellness

362A Lower Hermitage Road,
Lower Hermitage SA 5131.
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