T&C’s / Policies

Warida Terms and Conditions for Services


Payment is expected in advance or at the time of the delivery of the service.

Our online and face to face service are the same price no matter how it is delivered.  These prices are located on our website.


If you sign the contract for counselling / equine assisted psychotherapy or transformational coaching and you agree to go ahead, you have agreed to our 24 cancellation terms. Full payment is still expected if you give less than 24 hours notice.

If all else fails, or you have problems, please contact Bianca on her mobile.


Mobile number: 0438253202

International: +61438253202


For our online therapy or coaching services: Be ready in Advance


As we are using technology, it is not always reliable. It is best to be on your computer, laptop or device around 15 minutes in advance to resolve any of your own technical difficulties and to log into zoom (or what platform we are using).

Types of online therapy or coaching provided


We use Zoom (not skype), due to its encryption and it being a more private service.  Zoom can be used with either video, audio only (video conferencing with sound only) or Zoom LIVE instant chat. Zoom LIVE instant chat is charged at the same fee as the Zoom video or face to face. See www.warida.com.au for more information.

Email Counselling / Coaching


All ongoing email counselling or coaching will be delivered as a secure confidential email.


Technical Difficulties

As you are our counselling / coaching client, I cannot be expected to resolve your computerised technical problems. Please ensure that you resolve as many technical problems as you can yourself.


Why we use Zoom

Skype does not technically adhere to Australian or International Privacy Laws as it can be more easily hacked. Your privacy is very important to us. I will send you information about your contract prior to our session together.

Note: we will send you our unique zoom code every time, once we receive payment from you.


Please find a private, safe spot – so that we can start on time and so that your own safety, confidentiality and privacy is protected.




Service Delivery


Online counselling, coaching or therapy services provided will not be refunded unless it can be shown the advertised services were not delivered as per the information on our website and / or Booking intake forms and consents, or as agreed in private consultation between us.


If you, the client (customer or purchaser) changes your mind or decides that the services are not what you wanted after they have been delivered, then this matter needs to be discussed directly with Bianca to see if a resolution can be found and agreed to by both parties. We provide no promise to provide remedy, though will make every reasonable effort to find an agreeable solution.



This agreement is enacted and can only be enforced under the relevant laws governing South Australia (SA), Australia.


Insurance Coverage

Bianca Stawiarski is registered and insured to work worldwide, with the exception of the United States of America (USA) and Canada.

Client Files


We keep all your private information and documentation in either a hard copy format in a locked filing cabinet, or on our encrypted case management system.

All contracted information sent to you or located on our Intake and consent forms on our booking system is required to be signed and filled in prior to starting our work together. The client contract is required to be signed by you, for me to work with you.



We will not record our counselling or coaching sessions, online or Zoom sessions with you to protect your privacy and confidentiality.  We expect that you WILL NOT record the sessions.  Permissions must be sought and agreed to record all or part of any session.


Complaints Policy

As per the requirements of our professional association, PACFA, Bianca Stawiarski trading as Warida Wholistic Wellness Pty Ltd assumes to subsequent complaints policy. Bianca Stawiarski at all times aims to deliver a high quality service and uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, within the agreed terms of your client contract.  If, however, for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of service you have recei ed on the way you have been treated you may complain.

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) sets out ways that clients can complain to them about registered health care, allied health and unregistered practitioners. As counselling and psychotherapy are not registered under AHPRA, Counselling and Psychotherapy is considered an unregistered and unregulated industry.


Website Complaints

If you have a comment about the function of our website(s) (www.warida.com.au ; www.lifeempowerment4you.com or www.empowerment4riders.com) please email us at Bianca@Warida.com.au.


Service Complaints


Service complaints may fall in either service delivery: counselling / coaching / training, or adminstrative complaints. If you have any complaints or issues, please contact Bianca in writing at Bianca@Warida.com.au; and Bianca will endeavour to resolve your complaints quickly and in an appropriate timeframe.

If further therapy or a referral does not resolve your complaint, you may wish to discuss HCCC or you can lodge a formal complaint with PACFA.

Please note that for reasons of confidentiality, a complaint may only refer to services provided to you and not to another person. Bianca will not discuss or release any records or materials related to a complaint or counselling / coaching service provided to another person, unless ordered to do so by a competent court of relevant authority.


Crisis Support

Special note: online support provided by Warida Wholistic Wellness is not a crisis service.  If your request is urgent, or you have a very serious request, where you may be of danger to yourself or others, please consider contacting a Crisis line or a crisis online service within your state or country.


Boundaries for our sessions together


Please call us in advance if you are having trouble getting to your appointment or are having trouble with your internet.  This will enable us to arrange a back up plan for our sessions.


If you get bumped off mid way through our online sessions, please try to log back in again.  If all else fails please contact Bianca on: 0438253202.


Web-conferencing platform for online therapy / online coaching we use: Zoom

We use the platform Zoom.  Skype is not reliable enough for professional counselling or coaching and it has drop outs more frequently. Zoom is encrypted and you will receive a separate, private code for each tome we meet.  When you start, try to ensure you line yourself up with the video so we can see you in full view.

Skype does not adhere to Australian Privacy laws.  Your privacy is very important to me.


Preparing for your online session


We will contact you shortly prior to each session with an invoice and request payment for the session in advance or if you are on NDIS, invoices will be sent to your Plan Manager at the conclusion of the session. For non- NDIS payment is expected in advance or the session may not go ahead.  Note: we will email you a zoom code once we receive payment from you.


Please find a private safe spot – it’s also good if you can imagine that we are meeting in our offices – where we can be uninterrupted.  We have found it best to go to the toilet, turn mobile phones off and get a glass of water prior too our session commencing too.  It may take some time initially to download zoom, so try to arrive on zoom a little early on for the first session so that we can start on time.