to stand in their fire, embrace healing on their own terms, and empower their life through entrepreneurial support.


We believe that healed, empowered individuals and families are the basis of healthy community change. Within a room isn’t the only way to heal. We move outside of 4 walls honouring Country and embracing the ethos of Gudu-Guduwa (coming together) through Ngardi Guwanda (deep listening), relationship and connection. We also support the economic empowerment of individuals and the community through unique business / entrepreneurial support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower women to embrace healing on their own terms, while disrupting systems that restrict this.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to welcome a diversity of women, embracing their individual experiences of wellbeing, while empowering them to heal by connecting in a culturally safe way, honouring Country and embracing the Ethos of Gudu-Guduwa (Coming Together).

Our Impact 

Our Impact is to further support the development of strong empowered Australian First Nations families and communities, including strengthened social and emotional wellbeing, positive mental health; and opportunities for economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.


collaborations with other First Nations businesses

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