Our Vision

Our vision is to be a sanctuary that provides the right tools, through an Indigenous Healing Practices Approach, for all women regardless of background to heal and thrive; and encourages community change – one person at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to welcome a diversity of women, embracing their individual experiences of wellbeing, while empowering them to heal by connecting in a culturally safe way, honouring Country and embracing the Ethos of Gudu-Guduwa (Coming Together).

Our Impact & Purpose

Our purpose is to further support the development of strong empowered families and communities. We do this by providing volunteering, training or employment opportunities; as well as facilitating positive mental wellbeing, for Australian First Nations people impacted by trauma.

About Bianca Stawiarski

Managing Director / Founder

Fiercely passionate about supporting and empowering people to heal their own disconnection


We’d love you to meet Bianca Stawiarski, Founder and Managing Director of our Indigenous social enterprise, Warida Wholistic Wellness.


She is a strong, centred and purpose-driven healer, culturally competent mental health practitioner, consultant, speaker, lecturer, best-selling co-author, facilitator, and change-maker.


Bianca feels honoured to walk alongside people in their healing journey, and is fiercely passionate about supporting and empowering them to heal their own disconnection. To reconnect to the power of their own innate healing and truly embrace their inner fire.


She lives “Gudu-Guduwa” (coming together) and the reciprocity of Ngalimi Yunggudya (we give to each other).


From the moment you meet her, you’ll discover Bianca’s enormous strength and capacity to hold the space that her clients are in such need of, whatever their experiences have been. 


She infuses her calming, resilient, earthy, Indigenous connectedness into all that she does and has her own unique way of delivering culturally safe, empowering and trauma-informed support.


Bianca is a strong Badimaya (Badimia) and Ukrainian woman. As she’ll tell you – “At all times, I draw upon my Indigenous and Ukrainian heritages, my boundless connection to Australian Indigenous wisdom, sense of community, and holistic healing approach.


It’s been such a beautiful process to truly settle into my uniqueness.


I feel that my work now is the culmination of decades of work experience across private sectors, as well as State & Commonwealth Government. That and the vast amount of qualifications and accreditations I’ve gained through an absolute love of learning! It also draws upon my own lived experience, traumas and healing, and my love for my culture and Country.


I’m someone who is incredibly passionate about everything that I do, whether I’m walking alongside my clients, supporting First Nations people impacted by trauma, or facilitating change in businesses, workplaces and organisations right across Australia & the world.”


Here at Warida, our sanctuary is on Kaurna Country, and we get outside of four walls to connect to country, animals and ourselves.


Whether it be working with our horses and facilitating equine assisted therapy, taking a walk on Country, using bush therapy or drawing on the natural wisdom of the grandmother tree, Bianca loves to take an intuitive and integrative approach.


For so many people, their experiences in the mental health system have been of being a helpless, disempowered ‘ill’ person who is secondary to the therapist. That’s not the case at Warida, and Bianca has created a manifesto to remind all of us of how amazing we are.


As well as the work she does on Country, Bianca is often sought out by leading organisations, companies & media outlets from across Australia and around the globe. To create and deliver sensitive and engaging programs both online and in person, or to educate wider audiences through their publications.


Bianca has become a preferred provider to Local, State, National and International organisations, as well as Government departments and agencies. She is in such demand due to her dynamic, uplifting and engaging training style – across areas of wellbeing, business and support of First Nations peoples. 


She has the specialised ability to create, facilitate and deliver unique mindset changing programs, provide therapeutic support that is culturally safe, trauma-informed and empowering, as well as develop and present customised wellbeing training.


Here at Warida Wholistic Wellness, Bianca spends her days facilitating change in individuals, communities and workplaces, knowing the immense potential for that change to then break through intergenerational trauma, disconnection and disempowerment. 

“I can’t do all that’s needed by myself. But, what I can do is support and influence a group of people. I can help them improve their confidence, work through their complex trauma and starting having more successes.


Then children see that. Communities see that. And it’s the ripple effect that drives me forward every day to keep on pursuing my purpose.”


Qualifications / Certifications:

Currently studying PhD in Indigenous Studies (Allied Health)

Master (Counselling Practice)

Certification Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Equine Psychotherapy Institute model)

Diploma (Life Coach)

We Al-li Programs Lead Facilitator – Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach – Workshop 1

We Al-li Programs – Facilitator Training – Recreating Songlines from Trauma Trails

Certificate (Aboriginal Narrative Practice)

Diploma (Wayapa Practice)

Post Grad. Diploma (Counselling)

Blue Knot Foundation – Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma Clients (L2) – Three Phased Approach

Accredited in Acculturation Scale for Aboriginal Australians (IPS)

Accredited in Acculturation Stress Scale for Aboriginal Australians (IPS)

Accredited in the Westerman Aboriginal Symptom Checklist – Adults and Youth (IPS)

We Al-li Programs: Dadirri: Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Traditions

Cert IV Government (Contracting)

Diploma of Government (Contracting)

Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies)

Horse Archery Instructor (Level 2)

Equestrian Australia Vaulting Coach (intro)

Equestrian Australia (horse management)

Equestrian Australia (official lunger – vaulting)

Equestrian Australia Steward (vaulting)

International Federation for Equestrian Sports Vaulting Steward (Level 2) – to be renewed


Professional Associations

Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

PACFA Leadership Group of College for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Practices (CATSIHP)

PACFA Mental Health Practitioner

Australian Counselling Association(ACA)

Australasian Association for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy & Equine Assisted Learning (AA-EAP-EAL)

Blue Knot Foundation

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISST-D)

Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association

First Person Plural – UK

Equestrian Australia (EA)



Working with Children check

National Police Check

Childsafe RAN

Working with Disabled persons clearance

First Aid & CPR

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