Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

"Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tried to become what he is not"

 - Beisser, 1970, pg. 77

Are you searching for increased self-awareness, personal growth, experiential learning and resourcing to build emotional resilience in your life? Or assistance with moving through and processing trauma


Whether you’re an equestrian or have had minimal or no contact with horses, our Nguud Mabarn (Horse Medicine in Badimaya language) equine assisted / animal assisted Psychotherapy service is for you! Nguud Mabarn is a both a therapeutic program as well as a skills based personal growth and awareness program, working in sensitive “I-Thou” relationship with horses –  through both mounted and unmounted experiences.  Utilising The Equine Psychotherapy Institute’s (EPI) “Way of the Horse” psycho-educational and trauma-informed model.


“I-Thou” relationship can be described as viewing the “other” (horse, human, etc) as a individual being with their own wants, needs and desires that are equally as important as our own.


Sessions are done on an individual, group basis or through the Horse Wisdom (TM) program. Horse Wisdom (TM) is a social-emotional learning program, which can be done as a 6 week program (one hour a week) or compacted into 5 full days.


If you have your own horses, consider accessing our Outreach program – you have all the benefits AND we come to you!


Please note: this is not a riding lesson!  The majority of our Equine Assisted Psychotherapy service is done on the ground. If you are looking for riding lessons, please contact us and we can refer you to a variety of riding instructors.


*NDIS Plan and Self- Managed clients suitable


Explore and embrace uniquely you in relational partnership with horses

The Indigenous therapist whose horses are helping people to heal their trauma

Watch Horses Helping To Heal Trauma

Gurdurdu is a specific equestrian confidence building part of our nguud mabarn equine assisted psychotherapy service

Riding confidence is within your grasp. Let us help change your experience.


Cantering or even just walking through the countryside or across a beach at sunset is one of the pinnacles for most riders. Unfortunately for many people this is so far from their reality. Sometimes it can be scary or daunting to even just put your foot in the stirrup and climb back onto the horse, especially if you’ve been in an accident or had any bad experiences.What are your concerns with riding? This is not a “one size fits all” service as confidence affecting reasons are widely varied from rider to rider. Using targeted mindset strategy sessions and awareness experiences, your concerns are reflected upon and a confidence building program is tailored to your specific needs. This service is trauma-informed.


Gurdurdu means “heart” in my Badimaya language, which exactly why this program is so very important!

The first Changing Mindset Strategy session is done off the horse, so that we can really understand what your concerns are. Once your confidence improves, the sessions can be done with your own horse.


We supply all the equipment and the trained horse – just bring your riding helmet and suitable horse riding gear. Don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back from experiencing all the fantastic benefits from riding. Please don’t hesitate contact us for further information. You won’t look back and will finally be able to enjoy being back in the saddle again.


  • NDIS Plan and Self- Managed clients suitable

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Prices:

  • $200 per hour + GST for one-one session
  • $630 + GST for a one on one day session (10am – 2pm with a lunch break)
  • For EAP / AAP clinic pricing (10am – 3pm with a lunch break), there is a sliding scale per day depending on numbers: 2 people ($360 per person), 3-4 people ($310 per person). 5+ people ($260 per person). + GST
  • NDIS: $200 per hour ($193.99 per hour for NDIS Plan Managed) for one-one session.
  • NDIS Group: $74 pp/ph (3 or more).
  • Pony Clubs (10am – 3pm) – to promote grass roots development price: $460 per day or $130 per hour + GST
  • Horse Wisdom (TM) sessions – contact me to discuss.

Meet our "Warida" Herd


The “boss” of the herd, Dozer is a 16 year old (born 2004) Clydesdale x quarterhorse gelding who takes everything in his stride – especially if there is food involved!


Is the curious one, who will always greet you in the paddock. He is a 16 year old (born 2004) Welsh pony gelding, and loves nothing better than to rub on you or lick your hands.


Is a 12 year old (born 2008)American quarterhorse gelding, who is gentle and sensitive.  He is 2nd in charge to Dozer.

Free webinar on riding confidence