Theraputic Research

Empirical and peer-reviewed research into Equine Assisted Therapy

While empirical and peer-reviewed research into Equine Assisted Therapy is still relatively new, please check back as we add to these documents frequently.

Equine-facilitated psychotherapy for at-risk adolescents: The influence on self-image, self-control and trust.

‘Queen Of The World’: Experiences Of ‘at-risk’ Young People Participating In Equine-assisted Learning/therapy
A systematic review of the efficacy of equine- assisted interventions on psychological outcomes
The Effectiveness of Equine-Assisted Experiential Therapy: Results of an Open Clinical Trial
A Systematic Review of Effectiveness of Complementary and Adjunct Therapies and Interventions Involving Equines
Equine-assisted psychotherapy: a mental health promotion/intervention modality for children who have experienced intra-family violence
Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy
Autism and Equine-Assisted Interventions: A Systematic Mapping Review

Research Articles – Archery

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Research Articles – Environment Connection

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