Archery Assisted Psychotherapy

Wanting to Access Therapeutic Services, but looking for something different? Awaken Your Inner Warrior!

Due to the increased demand for our services we are currently at capacity and are not taking on new individual clients right now. If you are a returning client, please go ahead an book your session in 🙂

Utilising the ancient martial warfare skills archery on the ground. The aim is emotional regulation, body awareness, processing emotions, structure and focus using ancient military skills.


Archery may reconnect us to our primal inner fire or warrior identity – that part of us that we may have lost touch with through circumstance, or disillusionment. It may assist with facilitating emotional regulation and confidence building. 


We offer one-on-one individual lessons as well as group sessions. 


We supply all the archery equipment for beginners. 


A sense of fun is an advantage!

Qualified Counsellor / Indigenous Healing Practitioner, & Certified  horse archery instructor (US)– level 2


NDIS plan and self- managed clients suitable

Archery Assisted Psychotherapy Investment

Awaken Your Inner Warrior: Archery assisted psychotherapy (Ground)

  • $980 + GST per hour for one on one archery assisted psychotherapy session 
  • For group therapeutic sessions pricing (10am – 3pm with a lunch break) $4000

Please note, only coach the coach sessions are available at present due to sessions being at capacity for 2022