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Wayapa Wuurrk is an Earth based Connection Healing and Wellness practice based on Indigenous wisdom.​

Due to the increased demand for our services we are currently at capacity and are not taking on new clients right now.

Too many people are impacted by their lack of connection: to themselves, each other and to Country (the environment). Wayapa is one way of honouring that connection while also moving our bodies in a form of whole of body / mind prayer.

You may gain the ability to really connect with each element while also being exposed to cultural connectedness in the same space.

We experience joy, love and lightness in the process, while also tackling serious issues of what we can each do individually to reduce our footprint on this earth.

The practice can be done standing or sitting if you aren’t able to stand, done to your own physical ability.

  • The practice combines earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, A physical movement practice of 14 elements
  • Taking action to look after the environment.
  • Mind-body-spirit-earth wellbeing as a holistic, connected approach / modality.

Please note that we are currently at capacity for sessions.

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