hope and life

It’s an interesting situation we are finding ourselves in at the moment! We have two sleeps until Christmas (if you celebrate it), and I find myself in a funny kind of half space.  Since Friday we have been on fire watch here on our property in the north east Adelaide Hills. Across Australia (including South Australia), so may people have lost their homes, livestock, family pets ….. some have tragically lost their lives including some making huge sacrifices on a voluntary basis fighting fires. Our wildlife (those that survived) are now left without homes, food, shelter. Our nation is burning or suffering under intense heatwaves, drought etc.

I look around me at the absolute commercialisation of a religious celebration and wonder how many people are going into debt for something that they really can’t afford. Each year I have been slowly moving away from this commercialisation, looking at needs vs wants, sustainable purchases, connection and all while trying to help others out. I am finding myself more focused on positive experiences, love, connection, our environment, health and helping those impacted by events.

Looking at this quote by Brene Brown, I ask you to honestly search within yourself.  Do you feel seen, heard and valued in your connections with others? What if the gift you gave this year was more about really communicating value for another being, and spending more time in mindfulness, connection with and caring for our incredible environment? Imagine the change we could create if instead of getting and giving more “stuff”, we can look to those that are really struggling at this time or who have lost so much and open our hearts and generosity?

Turn to your loved ones, neighbours or those in your community doing it tough this year. Look through all your stuff and see what you really need and what can help others.  Give gifts that keep giving – even those through other places like CFS foundation (for support for CFS volunteers), Oxfam etc. Think about what changes you can make to ease your footprint on our environment / country / planet.

Just some thoughts during this very reflective time of year.

Stay safe,



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