Indigenous Trauma Counselling

Indigenous Trauma Counselling

Workshop Information

This training firstly skills participants in a co-counselling model where the counsellor/mentor is like a friend walking along side the person (client) on a journey of self discovery.

This model has been adopted by many in community work as the most useful and effective.

Participants are also introduced to both Narrative Therapy and Emotional Release work providing a solid resource of counselling approaches.

Our training utilises a variety of resource tools to aid the educational / healing process for those working with clients for crisis intervention, counselling or longer term healing interactions.

About the artwork:

The centre of this painting shows a safe place connected to and a part of the earth ‘Mother Earth’ and just being there for support and in the safety of one another. Indigenous counselling with the use of cultural methods and tools for sharing of thoughts allows us to tell our truths through our stories, feelings and experiences with someone who understands fully the issues about ourselves as well as knowing the past. ‘Walking through it together’ with someone who has a deep connection to our past and who can empathise with real understanding and identity, gives a supportive feeling. This helps to provide answers to understand ourselves so that we can move forward without bitterness or anger inside.


© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines