Kickstart 2019 by Prioritising Self-Care

2019 – The Chinese Zodiac Year of the Pig

2019 is looking like it is shaping up to be a fantastic year based on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Year of the Pig; especially to make money. A quick internet search shows that the pig symbolises joy, friendship and love, with 2019 being the year that all zodiac signs may find this positivity attracted in all areas of our lives. Given that it looks like an auspicious year coming up with lots of opportunity, it is even more crucial that we prioritise self-care to avoid health issues or burn-out.

The quote above symbolises so much. Do you see your soul as a soft, gentle and delicate flower to be nurtured; or as a work-horse that is second to everything else occurring in your life?

Imagine if you treated yourself with compassion, understanding and self-love. You possibly treat others with this kindness, but potentially fail to recognise that you too need caring as well. What can you achieve if you gifted and prioritised self-care for just 10 minutes a day?

A 2010 research article, “5 Dimensions of Self-Caring that Heal Healthcare: The foundation of an experience management strategy” showed that there is a “need for a fundamental paradigm shift from primarily caring for others to making self-caring a fundamental tenant of the organization’s culture”. This article further highlighted that good self-care actually improved healing outcomes for their clients and the people around them. 

Considering the importance of Self-Care in not only helping ourselves but potentially facilitating healing in others, what’s stopping you allocating 10 minutes today?

Bianca xx