Renewing Energy: How do you recharge?

Interestingly, I had a discussion this morning about how people renew / recharge unique to themselves. This made me curious about what others access to keep themselves feeling like they have a full battery. 

“The centre is the light of the sun. If you choose to take on the role of the sun as the centre of the whole, you must then be responsible for generating your own light. Any light you give to others is at your expense and it is then your duty to recharge your own light. This is a very difficult task, and certainly not the one you were intended to take on when you came to Earth.” ― Sidonie Bouchet, Alleluia

This quote resonates with me, because I feel that I don’t give away my light or take on the role of the sun. I just embrace shining my brightest, while at the same time encouraging and celebrating others shining too.  In my case, I experience the breeze in the darkness, singing stories through the leaves and caressing my skin with the breath of far off places.  It’s my connection. It energises me and restores. Sinking into my bones, soul and being.

In the daytime, the breeze is there again, except this time it is my connection to the earth, to country, to ancestors, to the incredible trees, birdsong and life all around us.  If I’m near the beach, it is the roar of the waves and the wind whipping through my hair – making me feel magical and so alive! It is the wild places that call me. If a see a warida (wedge-tailed eagle), it catches my breath and I soar and hunt with them.



If I asked what energises and renews you, how will you answer? I’d love to hear your reflections.