Strategy to Combat Anxiety – Time

Hi everyone,

Hoping that your riding is going great now that the cooler weather is with us (a little bit of drizzle doesn’t stop anyone ?).  This week, I wanted to discuss an important strategy to combat horse riding anxiety.  It also happens to be the EASIEST to implement!  I’m talking about allowing sufficient preparation time!

If you know that you’re a little bit anxious about going to a show, event or getting ready for your lesson.  Please consider giving yourself extra time so that you aren’t flustered or anxious when you arrive at wherever you are going. Getting to an event half an hour or an hour earlier means that you have time to relax, do those last-minute adjustments and most importantly, have some breathing room in case of something going wrong.  This means that if you are feeling anxious about anything, you are less likely to translate this to your horse because you may have time to work through your emotions.

As I said at the beginning – allowing extra time is simple, but so very effective! Implementing changing mindset strategies for confidence are fantastic and crucial for success, however if you are running late then this is possibly not going to be highly successful.

That brings me to this week’s quote, which I really love:

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously” – Anonymous

Let me know how you go,