Take Control of your own healing

I’m going to suggest something that I think is a given, but unfortunately for a lot of people it isn’t their experience. What do you think of when you reflect on your own healing journey? It doesn’t matter whether you are at the start of it or quite a way into it.  What strikes you as unique or interesting relating to the dynamics within the healing space?

"The medicine is already within the pain and suffering. You just have to look deeply and quietly. Then you realise it has been there the whole time."

I’m going to suggest something a little “controversial” ……. a healing space needs to have an equal power dynamic with your therapist. In no way should the therapist give off the  energy of “being the expert in you”. You have all the answers within you. Remember, the role of the therapist is to facilitate a safe space for you to engage your own healing abilities.

Therapy outside of four walls is EQUALLY as legitimate as that within a therapy room. Holding culturally safe space, empowering people in their own healing journey and facilitating the healing of disconnection is what it needs to be.


Also, if you find that you are not connecting with your therapist … change. How can you be completely open and vulnerable if you haven’t developed any form of trust.

".... It actually helps us trust when there is no pressure from the therapist or agenda or assessment of everything we say into their framework of understanding that they then put onto us to define who we are and what our dysfunction is that requires fixing. "

Choose the way you heal

Empower your healing!