Hi everyone!
I’ve spent three days this past week volunteering at an International horse event as part of a Stewarding team. This of course has had me  reflecting on the topic of team building. Is it a case of why bother, or is it something important? What do you think?
Teams come in all shapes and sizes, with the critical part being the ability for maximum output when they are functioning well. So, how can we improve the likelihood of a well functioning team?
Over 2350 years ago, Aristotle introduced us to the principle of Synergy with his statement “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.  To understand synergy is to acknowledge that a dynamic team, is something more than the individuals in the group.
So how do we foster the environment for dynamic teams to develop? Structured team building activities are one way to do this.  The activities should promote the development of trust, strategic problem solving and support amongst other things. Another way is to encourage and recognise the unique skills, abilities and gifts that each person brings to the team.
I could write a whole essay on the benefits to businesses by having strong, dynamic and high performing teams. Why not consider how your business, sporting group, school or organisation could improve their service delivery through fostering team development.
Until next week – keep pushing those boundaries and expanding your comfort zone.