Working with Children

Working with Children

Workshop Information

This is a workshop (or workshop series depending on the demand) developed for adults working with children.

The workshop blends theory and practice for emotional healing through games, arts, music, sand-play, dance and storytelling.

Tools used will help children express themselves, manage conflict and help the adult understand the importance of creating a safe place for children to tell their stories.


About the artwork:  

I have utilised people, figures of growth, leadership and role models in good parenting, connected well with both land and family. The use of the beaded orchid plant here is symbolic of Indigenous wildlife and how we should view them the same as when we look upon our children ‘unique and beautiful’ to be protected. The swirls around the peoples figures are the vortexes of life and how our children can be caught in them throughout their lives but if we maintain a strong family then the vortexes are easier to identify, deal with and recover from.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines