Ngardi Guwanda (listening/thinking/feeling strongly/deeply) Indigenous Immersive Wellbeing Retreats

Ancient Indigenous intuitive methods to reconnect to our innate feminine wisdom

Visit our sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills and reconnect

Connect to the glorious natural surroundings of Kaurna Country

Feeling a little flat and overwhelmed? Pulled from pillar to post constantly between work, family and other commitments? Feeling like your inner fire is extinguished and disillusioned with your life? 


Is your workplace fractured, overworked and overloaded?


How much time do you allocate to fully switching off the phone,  practising self-care and connecting to Country / nature? How would your life improve if you did?


Or if you are an organisation, corporate or department, maybe you are looking for a unique wellbeing or leadership event for your staff?


One of the people accessing our service shared their experience attending one of our Wellbeing retreats,

What an amazing experience to leave the worries of the world behind and escape to such a beautiful part of the country. Lovely green rolling hills, gentle valleys, sun soaked fields and boundless deep rooted trees. Such a serene and rejuvenating retreat with an equally amazing inspiring lady and a beautiful family to match.


Bianca seems to draw her energy from the very wind itself, seeing only strengths within those she meets and graced with a gift to share. This trip has been one of those moments in life when you get an opportunity to stop, reflect and listen to the tranquility of the peaceful landscape whilst drawing inward in search of some hidden fire within. Of special note was the experience of sitting around the ‘Bidagubala’ (becoming quiet) yarning circle at different times of the day whilst listening to the gentle trickle of the pond, the various sounds of many diverse birds, the swaying of the leaves or the crackling of the fire. Such a calm amazing place to be.


And what an amazing privilege to be part of such a deep and respectful service of the traditional smoking ceremony and ‘Welcome to Country’ conducted by knowledgeable Kaurna / Peramangk elder, Ivan-Tiwu Copley OAM. Having never attended such a ceremony before I was mesmerised by Ivan’s story telling and intrigued by his skill and knowledge of the land and the traditions of his people. It was a very special morning that added another layer to the depth of experience of feeling one with the country and its surroundings. Loooooooooved it. – Kathryn Dawe

Why we need to prioritise listening deeply, our mental health and wellbeing, and connection to each other and Country

As may be aware, mental health issues are rising within both Australia and internationally. Our global communities are in crisis, with “untreated mental health conditions costing Australian businesses $10.9 billion annually” (Beyond Blue, 2014). 


The first thing that occurs when we experience trauma, or are just not happy in ourselves is disconnection.  This disconnection is from ourselves, other beings and from Country / our natural surroundings.  At our Wellbeing Sanctuary, you are encouraged to be fully and authentically present – in all your uniqueness.


Through Ngardi Guwanda (listening/thinking/feeling strongly/deeply), you will be supported to listen with your whole being, both within and outside of your body. To uncover and rediscover your inner fire  that may have become deeply buried underneath the muck of your experiences.


Embrace the opportunity to possibly reconnect with yourself, or strengthen your team, in our incredibly spiritual and therapeutic Bidagubala (becoming quiet) yarning circle with Indigenous connectedness. Connect and explore relationship with yourself, with others and to Kaurna Country, surrounded by wild birdsong. Regular visitors are grey kangaroos and koalas, with an array of birds such as wrens that come very close.

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Our Adelaide Hills sanctuary of peace and well-being is;


A place to be fully and authentically you.


Indigenous healing practices and Ngardi Guwanda (deep listening), including a Kaurna traditional smoking ceremony to cleanse our energy, and a Welcome to Country.


Therapeutic, culturally-informed and trauma-integrated immersive experiences throughout the day retreat.


Group, paired, and individual sessions whilst exploring and connection to our Sanctuary.


Get together with a group of friends, your workplace, or community group and create change NOW!

Gili Asahan: Bidagubala International Wellbeing Retreat

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 International Wellbeing Retreat on the glorious island, Gili Asahan, in Indonesia, has been cancelled.


We hope to offer it to you again in 2024.

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