You are not “Just” Anything – 5 ways to change your inner negative self thoughts

Embrace your Uniqueness

So often we get worn down by the multitude of labels that either we have placed on ourselves, sometimes from a young age, or others have placed on us. For one reason or another we have accepted these labels and they settle around us like a weight or potentially protective armour. You know what I mean .... it's the discounting ourselves. At least on a daily basis I hear people downplaying themselves with the words "just" or "too"; as though shining is something bad. If you could change this habit or coping skills, would you be interested? Here are five ways you could use today .... and the awesome part about this is that you don't need to be some personal development wizz, or invest money!  Ready to give it a go? five

1. Listen to your inner dialogue

What do you say to yourself? Catch those thoughts and write them down. Don’t analyse them yet, just record them. You can do this over a period of a day or if your negative self-limiting beliefs are quite extensive, then do this for an hour.

2. Become Curious

What do you gain from these thoughts?  For many people negative self-limiting beliefs can be something that someone significant has repeatedly told you, or maybe they are a coping mechanism from childhood that was beneficial at the time but is no longer working.

3. Reframe those thoughts

In my video above, I give you some ideas on how you can reframe some of these thoughts. Become creative.  You aren’t being assessed on this, you don’t need to pass an exam – this is just for YOU!

4. Actively listen to your inner dialogue and take action

While number 1 and number 4 seem identical, this is where the magic happens! Rather than only catching your inner thoughts, practice catching these thoughts and replacing them with your reframed thoughts from number 3. 

5. Practice, practice, practice

Now this is the key!  You need to practice this skill. It’s ok if you find yourself too mentally tired to do the task all the time.  Remember, you are changing a lifetime of  ingrained, some may say institutionalised, behaviours that at one period in your life actually kept you safe. 

What if you gave yourself permission to really shine? To fully step into your power? Imagine what your life could be like! What's stopping you? Give it a try.